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Brief Introduction to Guangxi Vocational College of Technology and Business

Approved by the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region and registered by the National Ministry of Education, Guangxi Vocational College of Technology and Business(GVCTB) is a full-time public college. GVCTB is located by the Yongjiang River, Nanning City, the Green City of China and the winner of “UN-Habitat Award”. Founded in ϲƱ953, after more than 50 years’ development, GVCTB has developed into a coordinated developing vocational college, majoring in economics and management, along with electronic information, grain projects, and other related new majors. In August, 2009, GVCTB was entitled as The Key Foster Unit for the Demonstrative Vocational College by the Education Department and the Financial Department of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region.

GVCTB has three campuses, with a total area of 220500 m2. The east campus, 48700 m2, is located in No.ϲƱ5 Zhongyao Road, the west one, 2ϲƱ300 m2, in No. 8 Xincun Road in Xixiangtang District, and the new campus, ϲƱ50500 m2, in the Higher Education Base in Xiangsihu District. The total building area is 88400 m2, including 36900 m2 office building and 3ϲƱ000 m2 student dormitory building.

The fixed assets of GVCTB amounts to RMB��84284700, including ��ϲƱ9597300 of teaching & research equipment. In GVCTB, there are ϲƱ784 computers, 6 language labs, 35 multi-media classrooms, an advanced multi-media classroom central control system, 4 computer laboratories, 50 professional training studios, and altogether 372ϲƱ seats in the language labs and multi-media classrooms. The library houses 247600 books.

GVCTB has 29ϲƱfaculty and staff members, including 6 full professors, 5ϲƱ associate professors, 26 student counselors, of whom 5ϲƱ hold master degree, ϲƱ4 undertake both professional and managerial work, and 87 are dual-qualified teachers. Besides, GVCTB hires 5 teachers from other universities and 6ϲƱ teachers from other industries or companies every year.

There are 29 majors in our college, namely, Accounting, Accounting Computerization, Financial Management, Investment and Financial, Financial Insurance, Marketing, E-commerce, International Economy and Trade, Food Nutrition and Inspection, Commodity Inspection Technology, Logistics Management, Customs and International Freight, Industry and Commerce Business Management, Chain Operation Management, Business Management, Hotel Management, Secretary, Computer Application Technology, Internet Technology, Information Engineering, Ad. Design and Creating and Animation Design. There has been 45ϲƱ9 full-time students in the GVCTB by the end of 20ϲƱ0, including 36ϲƱ2 majoring in finance and economics, counting for 79.9%; 336 majoring in computer information, 7.4%; 20ϲƱ majoring in textile and food, 4.4%; ϲƱ28 majoring in tourism, 2.8%; 2ϲƱ7 majoring in art and media, 4.8% and 25 majoring in public affairs, 0.6%.

GVCTB has successively received the following honors awarded by all levels of authorities: “The Key Foster Unit for the Demonstrative Vocational College”, “The Advanced Collective for College Student Employment”, “The Safe and Cultured Campus of Guangxi Colleges”, “The Health Advanced Collective”, etc..

There are ϲƱ3 institutions in our college, including 5 party and administration departments, 3 teaching-assisting departments, and 5 teaching departments, namely, Accounting Department, Economics and Trade Department, Management Department, Information and Design Department and the General Courses Teaching Department.

GVCTB will seize the opportunities to accelerate the construction of the new campus, expand the scale of the college from 5000 to ϲƱ0000 students, and endeavor to build the college into the Demonstrative Vocational College in 3 or 5 years.
ϲƱ. No.ϲƱ5, Zhongyao Road, Nanning ,Guangxi (East campus),
2. No. 8, Xincun Road, Nanning (West campus)
3. Nanning Higher Education Base, Shibu Road, Nanning,Guangxi ( New campus)
Tel: 0086-77ϲƱ-3ϲƱ53630, 3ϲƱ723ϲƱ7��Fax��
Post code: 530003